TI TPS92210 PFC LED照明驅動解決方案

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TI TPS92210 PFC LED照明驅動解決方案
TI 公司的TPS92210 是功率因素控制器(PFC) led照明驅動控制器,它的PWM調製演算法可隨開關頻率和初級電流而變,同時保持不連續或瞬態模式工作,具有高的效率和低的EMI,開路LED檢測等.主要用在TRIAC可調光LED照明設計,住宅區LED照明和道路照明等.本文介紹了TPS92210主要特性,功能方框圖,典型應用電路以及TPS92210EVM-613評估板主要性能和指標,電路圖和材料清單(BOM).

The TPS92210 is a natural power factor correction (PFC) light emmitting diode (LED) lighting driver controller with advanced energy features to provide high efficiency control for LED lighting applications.

A PWM modulation algorithm varies both the switching frequency and primary current while maintaining discontinuous or transition mode operation in all regions of operation. The TPS92210 cascode architecture enables low switching loss in the primary side and when combined with the discontinuous conduction mode (DCM) operation ensures that there is no reverse recovery loss in the output rectifier. These innovations result in efficiency, rELiability or system cost improvements over a conventional flyback architecture.


Flexible Operation Modes

Constant On-Time Enables Single Stage PFC Implementation

Peak Primary Current

Cascoded MOSFET Configuration

Fully Integrated Current Control Without Sense Resistor

Fast and Easy Startup

Discontinuous Conduction Mode or Transition Mode Operation

Transformer Zero Energy Detection

Enables Valley Switching Operation

Helps to Achieve High Efficiency and Low EMI

Open LED Detection

Advanced Overcurrent Protection

Output Overvoltage Protection

Line Surge Ruggedness

Internal Over-Temperature Protection

8-Pin SOIC (D) Package


TRIAC Dimmable LED Lighting Designs

Residential LED Lighting Drivers for Retrofit A19 (E27/26, E14), PAR30/38, GU10, MR16, BR

Drivers for Down and Architectural Wall Sconces, Pathway and Overhead Lighting




The TPS92210EVM-613 uses the TPS92210 in a Discontinuous Conduction Mode (DCM) flyback topology. The controller uses cascode configuration which allows for faster start-up times as well as eliminates the need for an external sense resistor for primary-side current sense. Additionally, the controller employs a max on-time modulation scheme that allows it to be used in a Power Factor Correction (PFC) circuit. This results in a compact LED driver design that achieves greater than 0.95 power factor (PF) driven by a single controller.

The TPS92210EVM-613 is also compatible with a wide variety of TRIAC dimmers. Secondary-side feedback responds to the conduction time of the sinusoidal wave, as governed by the TRIAC, and appropriately lowers the LED current to dim the LEDs. The secondary side also includes an adaptive supplemental load that sinks current when LED current becomes too low, therefore ensuring conduction of the TRIAC during very low dimming.


? Commercial/Household LED Lighting


? Single Stage Power Factor Correction Achieves PF Greater than 0.95

? TRIAC Dimming to Zero LED Current

? Test Points for Output Voltage/Current

? Cascoded Configuration for Fully Integrated Current Control with No External Sense Resistor




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