SystemC 2.1在Visual Studio 2005下使用

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SystemC 2.1目前能在Visual Studio .NET 2003的環境下開發,移植到Visual Studio 2005之後會出現一些小問題。經研究,我們需要改動一些參數。

1.下載SystemC library source code 到http://www.systemc.org註冊會員賬號后,即可下載SystemC library soure code
2.以下SystemC 2.1 v1為例,下載的文件名為systemc-2.1.v1.tgz,解壓縮到c:systemc-2.1.v1下
3.使用Visual Studio 2005打開C:systemc-2.1.v1msvc71SystemCSystemC.sln,會提示轉換版本,點擊OK。
4.將Compile mode調到Debug Build -> Compilation Manager... 將Active Solution Configuration改成Debug (雖然可調成Release mode做compile,但開發AP時,若將library path指向Release目錄,將無法執行Simulation,原因不明。)
5.編譯Library Build -> Build Solution (項目屬性中c/c++ -> 高級,可以設置禁用4996警告) SystemC.lib將產生在c:systemc-2.1.v1msvc71SystemCDebug下

步驟二:更新SystemC include file 和 library
1. Select Tools -> Options . . . and the Projects -> VC++ Directories tab 2. Select show directories for: Library files
3. Select the 'New' icon and browse to: c:systemc-2.1.v1msvc71systemcdebug
4. Select show directories for: Include files
5. Select the 'New' icon and browse to: c:systemc-2.1.v1src

1. Start Visual Studio. From the Start Page select New Project and Win32 Console Project. Type the project name and select a suitable location then click OK.
2. Select the Application Settings page of the Win32 Application Wizard and make sure the 'Empty project' box is ticked. Click 'Finish' to complete the wizard. 3. Add new/existing C++ files to the project and edit code.
4. Display the project Property Pages by selecting 'Properties...' from the Project menu. 5. C/C++ -> General properties Warning level= Level 1(/W1)
6. C/C++ -> Code Generation Runtime Library =Multi-thread Debug (/MTd)
7. C/C++ -> Command Line properties Additional Options = /vmg /D_CRT_SECURE_NO_DEPRECATE
8. Linker -> Input properties Additional Dependiences = systemc.lib
9. Click OK

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